Investigations & Analyses

Mastering Challenges

We work together with you to develop optimum solutions for everyday practice – objectively and independently. In doing so, we liaise closely with you whilst at the same time bearing the burden of the work.


  1. Creating transparency for a major retailer in Switzerland following unforeseen developments. Collecting facts and processing and analysing suspicious processes in collaboration with internal auditors
  2. Interviewing persons under suspicion and consulting third parties for a financial service provider, using tried and trusted interview methods and profiling techniques in combination with modern data analytics. This resulted in swift and resource-efficient exposure of the offender and in the recovery of significant financial assets
  3. Independent support for an ongoing investigation by a Big Four company in the Swiss manufacturing industry. This lowered the costs of the fraud investigations. In addition, there were essential lessons learned and actual causes identified – making such misdemeanour less likely to recur
  4. Support for the legal counsel during an international inquiry. Immediate securing and retrieval of digital evidence and preparation of conclusive documentation for the court hearing, in collaboration with our network of experts
  5. Analysis of recent irregularities, determination of the intrinsic value of consultancy assignments and exposure of fictitious transactions for our client, a medium-sized service provider. Follow-up of recommendations for urgent restructuring measures

Our Expertise Deployed on your Behalf

In studies which we have conducted over the course of several years, we have examined the approach taken by offenders. These studies were conducted from a non-involved and external position. As a result, we were able to glean completely new insights. We can now use the expertise we have gained to swiftly recognise even less common patterns of behaviour, and work in a resource-efficient manner.

An experienced fishermen once said: “If you want to catch fish, you have to understand as much as possible about the type of fish in question. The more you know, the greater your chance of success.

Delicate Situations require a delicate touch

We can help you conduct discreet fraud investigations in delicate situations – with tact and finesse. Your interests are our interests. For this reason, we consistently and permanently adhere to our confidentiality code. In practice, this means for example that we are not legally obliged to file a criminal complaint.

Non-Specific Analyses

Besides fraud investigations of specific issues, we also conduct non-specific process analyses. This helps creates transparency for you right where it is needed.

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