Executive Education

In particular, Internal auditing, Legal & Compliance, Risk & Fraud Management face the challenge of having to solve complex tasks.


  1. Annual, individually tailored in-house training sessions for a major retailer in Europe on “fraudster motives & effective controls”
  2. Regular panel debates as part of professional development for the internal auditors of a major international bank in Switzerland
  3. Support for professional development in the public sector and “train the trainer” initiatives together with the Corporate Development Department
  4. Leading a Private Executive Level Event with workshop and Best Practice discussions between internal auditors and compliance professionals for an industrial global market leader
  5. Development of an electronic training system for a fast-growing service provider in Switzerland (SME) in order to raise awareness amongst employees in finance-related areas for CEO fraud etc.

Competency Leads to Success

In our professional development workshops, you gain inspiration and insights, specific expertise and relevant skills. In-depth knowledge helps to protect corporate values, increase competence and expand career options.


In all our professional development workshops and courses, the focus is on your specific management environment. Many of our clients explicitly request us to underscore our practical expertise with research results from the University of St. Gallen (HSG) – one of Europe’s leading business universities.

We use pertinent case studies and practical exercises to maximise your benefits. If you would like us to address specific challenges and issues, you are welcome to send us a list of your questions or subjects in advance. Some practical examples:

  • What sort of compliance measures, prevention measures and controls are effective, efficient and productive – from an offender’s point of view?
  • What are the most frequent risks and “Fraud Red Flags”? How can these be interpreted accurately? How can we gauge the “tone at the top” and the “tone from the top”?
  • Common behavioural patterns, opportunities and motives of offenders! How do these affect internal auditing and reporting?
  • How should exposure be handled? Best Practice!
  • Cyber safety, Big Data Analytics etc.


Our portfolio ranges from tailored, individual training sessions to workshops and discussion groups to in-house seminars or keynote speeches at major events. Our professional development can be conducted in German or in English.

Dr Alexander Schuchter is frequently booked as speaker. However, depending on the desired content, other professionals can also be engaged. There is no restriction to the number of participants. We can conduct our workshops, seminars and training sessions on your own premises or here in St. Gallen. Prices vary depending on the scope of services.

Integrity Management

Numerous studies – such as the most recent ACFE survey of 41,788 experts – paint a clear picture: the losses suffered by misconduct in companies with weak integrity management are twice as high as the average.


  1. Examination of the individual components of a Compliance Management System (CMS) for an automotive supplier, including reporting and recommendations for relevant measures
  2. Development of a prevention programme for an international freight forwarder: Quick Checks, risk maps, mapping of responsibilities, examination of division of duties, ethics code etc.
  3. Support during strategic adjustments and design changes to an internal control system following restructuring for an organisation in Liechtenstein
  4. Completion of a scientific risk study for a fast-growing insurtech company in Switzerland, in collaboration with St. Gallen University (HSG)
  5. Advice and support for IT-based protection measures for persons in high positions and their family members, predominantly in Switzerland and Austria

Your Success is our Goal

Today, integrity management is no longer a voluntary exercise; it is a prerequisite for all business success. This type of management involves more than mere compliance specifications. Which is why we see integrity management as “Good Corporate Governance” – with a clear focus on your success.

Counting your Goals

We know what is needed in order to maintain a clear overview when the pressure is on and demands are high. We work together with you to develop a range of individual integrity management solutions. We help you to reach your goals safely and create transparency where transparency is required.

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