Alexander Schuchter bietet Leistungen zu Wirtschaftskriminalität, Non-compliance, Fraud, Unregelmässigkeiten, Auffälligkeiten und Missständen


We can help you create a professional basis for decisions concerning management and control functions:
Internal Auditing | Legal & Compliance | Risk | Governance.

Being adequately prepared and knowing how to act will enable you to protect corporate values, reputation and personalities.


Your Advantage

Any and every company can be affected by misconduct. For this reason, we have spent the last decade researching such situations – and focussing on the people that trigger them.

How do you benefit?

If you know who you are dealing with when crisis strikes, you can:

  • interpret red flags quickly & accurately,
  • assess risks with greater precision,
  • read the clues and recognise patterns more easily,
  • design more effective controls
  • and implement effective protective measures.

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