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We work for a number of well-known companies. Our services are implemented in almost all industries:

  • International & regional industries
  • Companies listed on the SMI*
  • Major European retailers
  • Financial intermediaries
  • The public sector

*SMI: The leading stock market index in Switzerland

In addition to executive education & integrity management, we also carry out sensitive investigations & analyses. Due to the sensitive nature of our services, these companies cannot be named publicly.

Upon request, we will be delighted to provide you with references that we may only name with the prior written consent of our customers. Client confidentiality is of utmost priority.


“I was surprised at how likeable the offenders are,” Alexander Schuchter says.

“Schuchter describes the criminals he interviewed as open… and friendly people.”

“Virtually all of them worked in the finance sector,” Schuchter says.

Interview with Alexander Schuchter: “They [white-collar criminals] love prestige.”

“Although motives are very different, they generally follow a pattern,” Schuchter claims.

“Personality traits which are 99 % shared with successful managers, Schuchter explains.”

“Managers fall victim to ‘zugzwang’. For this reason, Schuchter refers to them as ‘boundless’ managers.”

Interview with Dr Schuchter: “White-collar criminals are generally male.”

“The offenders believe they are underpaid,” Dr Schuchter continues.

“Offenders are frequently subject to financial pressure,” Schuchter states.

“According to Schuchter, the fraudsters he interviewed cannot imagine being involved in further crimes.”

“Dismissal is not enough for Alexander Schuchter… this only provides a temporary solution to the problem.”



SRF 10vor10 Interviews schuchter

Schuchter claims that “soft factors” frequently play a role in minor fraud. These include “not receiving sufficient respect and acknowledgement within the company, a decline in the level to which individuals identify with their company…”


EY (Ernst & Young) Fraud Breakfast in Vienna: panel debate with Dr Alexander Schuchter

Institute for Internal Audits, Swiss national conference: session ‘Forensic Services’ with Schuchter

Liechtenstein Police Force in Vaduz: main speaker Schuchter in discussion with CID, FMA & FIU

For the last decade, he has collaborated closely with the HSG, one of Europe’s leading business universities

KPMG Conference “Profile of a Fraudster” in Zurich with speaker Alexander Schuchter


University of Cambridge, UK, Symposium on Economic Crime: Schuchter hosts a workshop with executives

Executive Education Salzburg County: Schuchter supervises practical exercises for supervisory boards

He is a “Certified Fraud Examiner” ACFE. The gold standard underscores practical competence

The organisation is a nice one but there are leaks everywhere.

Convicted Fraudster | Own Interview

The opportunity was given, I did not want but I had to do it.

Convicted Fraudster | Own Interview

The weaknesses still exist. There is no real control mechanism.

Convicted Fraudster | Own Interview

I thought I could fix everything with the figures.

Convicted Fraudster | Own Interview

I was active for many years, and set millions aside.

Convicted Fraudster | Own Interview
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