Acting as independent experts, we have successfully supported numerous big-name companies and gained in-depth, specialised experience in the process. We would be delighted to share this experience with you.

We have special expertise in the following industries:

  • Financial intermediaries, banks and insurance companies
  • Swiss Market and Swiss Performance Index companies
  • Regional and international industries
  • The public sector in Switzerland
  • Major European retailers

Discretion plays a key role in our success. For this reason, we are unable to list reference cases publicly. However, a number of former clients have given us their consent to share general information on their cases, which we will be happy to forward to you privately, on request.



“According to Schuchter, the fraudsters he interviewed cannot imagine being involved in further crimes.”

“Offenders are frequently subject to financial pressure,” Schuchter states.

“The offenders believe they are underpaid,” Dr Schuchter continues.

“I was surprised at how likeable the offenders are,” Alexander Schuchter says.

“Virtually all of them worked in the finance sector,” Schuchter says.

“Personality traits which are 99 % shared with successful managers, Schuchter explains.”

“Dismissal is not enough for Alexander Schuchter … this only provides a temporary solution to the problem.”

“Managers fall victim to ‘zugzwang’. For this reason, Schuchter refers to them as ‘boundless’ managers.”

“Schuchter describes the criminals he interviewed as open … and friendly people.”

Interview with Dr Schuchter: “White-collar criminals are generally male.”

“Although motives are very different, they generally follow a pattern,” Schuchter claims.

Interview with Alexander Schuchter: “They [white-collar criminals] love prestige.”

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Over the years, we have partnered with numerous institutions and worked successfully on various projects together – thank you to all partners, new and old.

Schuchter hosts advanced forensic courses for the Institute of Internal Auditors – in Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany & Austria. He frequently receives invitations to discussion groups

Many banks use Liechtenstein Bankers Association, one of the most important banking associations in the country, as a forum for discussing experiences with Schuchter

Dr Alexander Schuchter began lecturing at the HSG in 2010. He also teaches at the HSG Executive School and was voted onto the HSG Senate – the highest academic body

We partner with SACO (Swiss Association of Compliance Officers) who support us in various ways, e.g., on advanced training courses which Schuchter teaches in collaboration with St. Gallen University (HSG)

As a member of the Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA), Schuchter Management is actively involved in various events

Schuchter spent several years working as a supervisor for EY (Ernst & Young), not only in the fields of fraud investigation & disputes and corporate compliance, but also in auditing

Schuchter has given guest lectures at Cambridge University, UK, since 2012. At the Symposium on Economic Crime, Schuchter organises workshops with anti-fraud professionals from around the globe

Schuchter worked and completed his PhD at the KPMG Institute, HSG University, under Prof Peter Leibfried. Together with KPMG Forensic, Schuchter Management developed pertinent insights

Schuchter is in frequent demand as a speaker at (inter)national conferences: at the 2017 European Confederation of Institutes of Internal Auditing Conference, the 2016 National Conference of the IIA Switzerland

Schuchter is a Certified Fraud Examiner. He shares his practical know-how with the “Association of Certified Fraud Examiners” (ACFE), e.g. through advice in the ACFE Fraud Magazine

Schuchter has been lecturing at the ETH Zurich since 2014. Each year, some 150 international Master’s students attend his “economic crime and corporate resilience” course

Over the years, Schuchter has trained hundreds of auditors for EXPERTsuisse to spot anomalies. Schuchter began writing for EXPERT FOCUS in 2009. The magazine publishes our practical case studies on a regular basis