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The following list contains a selection of our publications, containing practical examples and advice, for you to download free of charge. We would be very pleased to get your feedback.

IIA Switzerland Wirecard – Where were the auditors?

Wirecard scandal: Enron of Germany
Author: Alexander Schuchter
IIA Switzerland, 2020

The Auditor’s Responsibilities Financial Statement Fraud

Fraud in an Audit of Financial Statements
Author: Alexander Schuchter
(EXPERTsuisse, 2019)

For Daily Practice | 11,000 DOWNLOADS White-Collar Crime & Prevention

How executives use fraudster knowledge
Author: Alexander Schuchter
A Concise Guide
(Springer Verlag, 2018)

Leadership & Management Black Sheep

Learning from Black Sheep
Authors: Alexander Schuchter & Nicolas O. Gonin
(HRToday, 2018 & 2019)

University of St. Gallen (HSG) Newsroom Fraud & Digitisation

Technology 4.0 and human expertise
Author: Alexander Schuchter
(University of St. Gallen, 2018)

International Contribution Anti-fraud training

Does it pay to invest?
Authors: Alexander Schuchter & Fabia Wenger
(Fraud Magazine, 2017)

Schuchter im Security Journal

one of the most quoted articles The Fraud Triangle revisited

Motivation, Opportunity & Rationalization
Authors: Alexander Schuchter & Michael Levi
Research Activity
(Palgrave, Security Journal, 2016)

Schuchter im Accounting Forum

one of the most downloaded articles Beyond the Fraud Triangle

Swiss and Austrian Elite Fraudsters
Authors: Alexander Schuchter & Michael Levi
Research Activity
(Elsevier, Accounting Forum, 2015)

Schuchter wird von Staempfli publiziert

Criminology, Criminal Policy & Criminal Law Compliance & Integrity

Compliance Management Strategies
Authors: Alexander Schuchter & Michael Levi
(Stämpfli, 2013)

Springer Gabler mit Schuchter als Autor

More than 19,000 downloads Perceptions of convicted offenders

Reasons for their Actions and
Preventive Measures in Companies

Author: Alexander Schuchter
(Springer Verlag, 2012)

Beitrag von Schuchter im Studienverlag

Values within organisations The Ambivalence of Trust

The Opinions of Convicted Fraudsters
Author: Alexander Schuchter
(Studienverlag, 2012)

Expert Focus Beitrag von Schuchter

In collaboration with KPMG Interviews with fraudsters

Different Perspectives on Control
Authors: Peter Leibfried, Alexander Schuchter,
John Ederer & Franziska Zuber
(Expert Focus: Der Schweizer Treuhänder, 2012)

Echo interviewt Schuchter

Interview with Schuchter Internal leakages & high pressure

The Economics Department
Author: Alexander Schuchter
(Echo Group, 2012)

Schuchter publiziert in der ZRFC

Most frequently requested publication Profiling white-collar criminals

The Significance for Prevention in Companies
Author: Alexander Schuchter
(Erich Schmidt Verlag, 2010)

Blog posts

Concise and informative. Our blog posts offer an ideal introduction to the field and will give you a concise overview of our areas of activity.

The weaknesses still exist. There is no real control mechanism.

Convicted Fraudster | Own Interview

The organisation is a nice one but there are leaks everywhere.

Convicted Fraudster | Own Interview

The opportunity was given, I did not want but I had to do it.

Convicted Fraudster | Own Interview

I thought I could fix everything with the figures.

Convicted Fraudster | Own Interview

The inner voice disappeared. It became a day-to-day routine.

Convicted Fraudster | Own Interview
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