If you investigate a report of suspicious behaviour, or you discover and follow up on an anomaly, you may find yourself unintentionally stirring up a hornet’s nest – and losing the scent in the process. We will help you pick it up again. Whether by interviewing people or by analysing data.

Better still, call us in right from the start. As independent auditors, we can follow scents much more inconspicuously.  Your employees will not notice we are there – unless we reveal ourselves to them deliberately as part of a strategy we have discussed and agreed with you in advance.

If you would like to know more, please do not hesitate to contact Dr Alexander Schuchter for more information, without obligation. We guarantee complete confidentiality.

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The weaknesses still exist. There is no real control mechanism.

Convicted Fraudster | Own Interview

I thought I could fix everything with the figures.

Convicted Fraudster | Own Interview

The opportunity was given, I did not want but I had to do it.

Convicted Fraudster | Own Interview

The inner voice disappeared. It became a day-to-day routine.

Convicted Fraudster | Own Interview

The organisation is a nice one but there are leaks everywhere.

Convicted Fraudster | Own Interview
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Success Stories

Our success stories offer insights into our advisory solutions. Allow us to help you next and restore clear vision.

Collecting & evaluating data

COLLECTING & EVALUATING information for a renowned Swiss retailer. Suspicious in-house happenings fully resolved in close collaboration with the internal auditing department

Forensic interviews

Completion of FORENSIC INTERVIEWS in the financial services sector, using well-founded FBI & BIG4 methods. This resulted in swift clarification and in the recovery of significant financial assets

Independent support

INDEPENDENT SUPPORT for a Swiss manufacturer during an ongoing investigation. This considerably lowered investigation costs. Elaboration of “Lessons Learned” to prevent recurrences

Watertight documentation

Support for Legal & Compliance during an international investigation. SECURING & RECOVERING evidence and preparing watertight documentation for use in court

Interpretation & recommendations

INTERPRETATION of suspicious occurrences and exposure of bogus transactions for a medium-sized service provider. Independent RECOMMENDATIONS for next steps and effective measures

IT forensics & data analyses

Advisory services for a financial intermediary for the seamless capture, analysis & evaluation of DIGITAL EVIDENCE. Securing watertight, court-proof evidence in cooperation with lawyers & IT experts


The more complex a business process, the easier it is for people to wander from the path of virtue. In a world that is more transparent and networked than ever before, trust is possibly the most important currency.

Thanks to the extensive experience we have gained over the course of many years, we know exactly where to look and who to talk to in order to uncover the real facts and restore trust – with utmost confidentiality and discretion.

Similar to attorney-client privilege, we are sworn to secrecy and do not have a duty of disclosure. You can share information with us with total peace of mind.