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Specialist Articles

We write about our know-how: the modus operandi of fraudsters. Most of the content here cannot be found in textbooks or blogs – or indeed anywhere else. Why?

Because we can offer glimpses into the virtually impenetrable worlds of the fraudsters. Naturally, our work is based exclusively on our own studies. The work we do for our clients is strictly confidential, and will remain so.

With our expertise, we help companies to sustainably protect their financial corporate values and reputation.

Who are the articles written for?

Our entries on forensic issues primarily aim to address C-suite executives, supervisory organs, auditors, compliance officers, accountants, risk experts and analysts in all industries. Naturally, our contributions are open to anyone who is simply interested in the subject.

What else can you expect?

  • Best Practices of prevention & investigation
  • Research findings for corporate practise
  • Circumnavigating common pitfalls
  • Turning risks into opportunities
  • Fraud lessons learnt

Frequency of Entries

The frequency of our entries depends on the amount of work currently in hand. Publication dates may vary accordingly.

I thought I could fix everything with the figures.

Convicted Fraudster | Own Interview

The opportunity was given, I did not want but I had to do it.

Convicted Fraudster | Own Interview

I was active for many years, and set millions aside.

Convicted Fraudster | Own Interview

The inner voice disappeared. It became a day-to-day routine.

Convicted Fraudster | Own Interview

The organisation is a nice one but there are leaks everywhere.

Convicted Fraudster | Own Interview
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