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The weaknesses still exist. There is no real control mechanism.

Convicted Fraudster | Own Interview

I thought I could fix everything with the figures.

Convicted Fraudster | Own Interview

The organisation is a nice one but there are leaks everywhere.

Convicted Fraudster | Own Interview

The opportunity was given, I did not want but I had to do it.

Convicted Fraudster | Own Interview

The inner voice disappeared. It became a day-to-day routine.

Convicted Fraudster | Own Interview
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New publication 2018 Fraud & Prevention

Schuchter’s Guide
Knowledge of the fraudsters

Newsroom 2018 University of St.Gallen (HSG)

Schuchter as Contributor
White-collar crime and digitisation
University of St.Gallen (HSG)

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Schuchter as a Speaker
Financial Statement Fraud
University of St. Gallen (HSG)

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Fraud Risks & Red Flags
Internal Audit: IIA Switzerland SVIR

Springer Gabler mit Schuchter als Autor

More than 12,000 downloads 2018 Perceptions of fraudsters

Schuchter’s Book
Fraud: root causes

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Interview with Schuchter
Key: raising awareness
20 Minutes

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Interview with Schuchter
Trust with playful ease

Conference 2017 Internal Audit & Fraudsters

Schuchter as a Speaker
Understanding Fraudsters to stimulate IA
Internal Audit: IIA Switzerland SVIR & ECIIA

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Interview with Schuchter
When managers exploit insider info
Swiss Radio and Television SRF

Publication 2017 Anti-fraud training

Schuchter & Wenger as Contributors
Training: Does it pay to invest?
ACFE Fraud Magazine


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Schuchter publishes a newsletter twice a year. These newsletters contain the latest insights from applied research. They also highlight new trends and changes to regulatory parameters. The primary focuses are on practical relevance and readability. The newsletter also provides information on interdisciplinary events and further training opportunities relating to white-collar crime.

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The target group embraces all persons with points of contact to white-collar crime in their professional life. Thus the newsletter is primarily designed for CEOs, supervisory boards, finance managers, internal and external auditors, crime risk controllers, risk officers, compliance officers, corporate lawyers and analysts. Naturally, anyone who simply has an interest in the field is also welcome to register for the newsletter.

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